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Dubrovnik Wheelchair Rental

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The Croatian national territory totals 56.594 km2 with 31.479 km2 of coastal waters for sailing, swimming and diving.  Croatia occupies the largest area of the eastern coast of the Adriatic Sea which, as a part of the Mediterranean Sea, penetrates deep into the European continent. The narrow Dinara Mountain Range separates the country’s Mediterranean region from its central European continental section, which spans from the easterly edges of the Alps in the north west to the shores of the Danube in the East, encompassing the southern part of the fertile Pannonian lowlands.
And if the beauty of such landscapes weren’t enough, here’s a refreshing piece of news: tap water is drinkable across all of Croatia. 

Dubrovnik Times

Taxi – There are taxi stands outside the gates on each side of the Old Town.  

They can be a bit more expensive than some other European Cities.

Bus – There is local bus stop (loop) outside the Pile Gate of the Old Town.  They sell bus tickets at the Tisak (booth) for 12 kuna each or you can pay cash on the bus 15 kuna each.  Small children don’t have to pay.

Local Market – Every morning between about 7am and noon, they set up a fruit/vegetable/craft market in the Old Town in the area called Gunduliceva poljana.  Great place to stock up on great foods, snacks, lavender, etc. They feed the pigeons at NOON, when the bell tower strikes – it’s very cool to watch and the kids love it.  Check out more markets here:

Grocery Stores (Konzum or Pemo) – There are two grocery stores near our Old Town apartment.  One is in Gunduliceva poljana (the plaza where the fruit market is) and the other is along Od Puca.  Tomy’s is a big grocery store outside the Old Town. dm is a Drug Store with everything you need.  Ljekarna is a Pharmacy - there are a few on Stradun in the Old Town.

Fountains – The fountains in the Old Town have clean refreshing drinkable water so it’s a great place to fill up your water bottles.

Money – Croatian has not yet adopted the Euro.  Their currency is the Kuna.  There are a few currency exchange places around and on Stradun that post the rates on a digital screen, or you can also go to the banks.  There are lots of ATMs along Stradun and other parts of the Old Town. 

Service – Croatians take their time - sit back, relax and enjoy your meal.  The service is not like other popular European cities or North America. Restaurants will generally take longer than you expect so it’s best to order right away and to ask for the check before you are ready to go.  Also, tipping can be about 10%.

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